Celebrating Our Successes

As 2013 comes to a close, I’d like to take a moment to thank each of our employees and volunteers for their perseverance and hard work during one of our most exciting – and challenging – years. Together, along with our chartered organizations, we worked each day to truly demonstrate the Scout Oath and Law. What successes did you experience on the council level that you are thankful for? Please use the comments function to share your thoughts … see you next year! [Please note: If you have trouble viewing or hearing this video, you may be able to view it on YouTube.]

New Learning Experiences

The BSA has always put a high value on people—both employees and volunteers. Our training methods have evolved to take advantage of new technologies and techniques. We are continuing to evolve to move beyond training in the traditional sense and create “learning experiences” that will prepare our employees and volunteers at every level to succeed now and in the future.

Please take a moment to tell me about the training and development challenges you face in your council. What solutions have you found to overcome them? What courses and features would you like to see offered in Scouting University? I’d like to hear your thoughts … please use the comments feature to share your ideas.

(If you are having trouble viewing this video or hearing the audio portion, it also is available on YouTube via the Internal Communications Team’s channel.)

New Business Practices

In this episode, I’m discussing change, and how it affects all of us in the BSA. Just as you are forced to evaluate and improve your practices on the local level, we must do the same on the national level. For the past few months, the National Council has been in the early phases of a transition to an entirely new way of creating, storing, and publishing information. While change on this scale is not easy, it represents growth and movement toward a more modern, effective, and productive way of working.

How is your council doing business differently? What new processes and procedures have you found that work well in your council during these changing times? What best practices have you put into place that turn convention on its ear? I’d like to hear your thoughts … please use the comments feature to share your ideas.

New Membership Policy

Now that a new membership policy has been adopted, what exactly will that mean for the BSA? Specifically, what will and will not change? Above all else, every member of Scouting is expected to live up to the high standards of the Scout Oath and Scout Law, exemplify the highest level of good conduct, and treat each other with care and respect. These things will never change. As always, please use the comments section to share your thoughts about our path forward.

Membership Standards Vote

Anticipation and emotions are high as we prepare for the membership standards vote this week. Regardless of which way the vote goes, the important question for each of us is, where will we stand after the ballots are counted? To help provide some perspective, I’d like to share a letter from Ray Capp, chairman of the National Order of the Arrow Committee. As always, please share your thoughts using the comments function.

Membership Standards Resolution

The National Council Executive Committee developed a resolution to be presented to the voting members of the National Council at its annual meeting next month. As was expected, there were a variety of opinions on just about every aspect of this topic. While no single policy or approach can accommodate everyone’s views, the Executive Committee unanimously agreed that this is the right step for the BSA. Please use the comments section below to share your thoughts. See you next month!