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As a Scouting employee – whether you work at the National Council or at one of our local councils throughout the country – you are one of our most valuable resources when it comes to delivering our program. To gauge how well we’re supporting you in this mission, we conducted our first-ever online employee engagement and satisfaction survey last July. The survey looked at three critical areas: increasing job satisfaction and performance, evaluating your level of engagement, and improving management training. So how did we do? Please watch this episode to hear about the results. You also may download a brief presentation on the survey’s results. Please use the comments section below to share your thoughts on how we did … Was it what you expected? Why or why not? See you next month!

13 thoughts on “Engaging With Our Employees

  1. It looks to me like the National Council employees have a more positive view of the profession than the employees that are in the trenches. It would be interesting to see a breakdown between management and district employees in the councils as I suspect that there would be a similar variance. In a profession like ours, it is a shame that less than half show a high level of satisfaction. We deliver the program at the district level and if district executives are not highly motivated and if they don’t feel valued or that their opinions count or that they are properly compensated for the hours, evenings and weekends that they often put in, then that will eventually show in performance and tenure. I’m glad that we have this information and I hope that it is properly and positively used to improve our delivery and bring everyone up to where a significant number of district and council employees will be in the top tier for job satisfaction which should contribute to better job performance.

  2. Would like to see pay rate for my Council evaluated. Because we are a smaller Council our pay rate is less even though we are doing the same work. It is so hard to make ends meet working for the BSA.

  3. I agree with Mr. Whitford. I too would love to see the breakdown between management positions and those of us that work “in the trenches.” I would be surprised if it was anything less than a staggering majority of the people who work in the supply group, who are incredibly dissatisfied with the way the supply group is being run. And because the supply group is a completely different branch of the BSA, the right hand seems to never know what the left hand is doing. We get “MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! “ and “SALES! SALES! SALES!” jammed down out throat every day, and then there’s a full page ad for Camping Maxx inside the front cover of the February 2013 edition of Boy’s Life, along with ads for pinecar.com, class b.com, CampMor, Eastern Emblem, Chief Neckerchief, who are all in direct competition of their own scout shops. Never have I seen any kind of ad for people to support their local scout shops. Not to mention the pre-cut pinewood derby cars sold in Walmarts and Lowes, and the t-shirts sold in Targets and A&Fs. I understand expanding the market, but give us the opportunity to sell these things as well. We’ll probably do a better job since we know the products. If you want us to make the money you’re asking of us, quit chopping out legs out from under us.
    I’ll get down off my soapbox now.

    • Kris,
      I’m inclined to agree that supply doesn’t consistently meet our needs in supporting the stores sales and goals. JDA is slow and replenishment tends to lag sales. More central server and store bandwidth and a higher minumum weeks of supply would help. Customer entry slows checkout down dramatically and rubs some customers the wrong way especially on privacy. A customer facing entry device would possibly speed things up, better protect a customer’s privacy, and make it more clear what was being collected and why. Some stores can setup facebook pages and promote sales and events and others can’t. Clear Suply Group policies on this would be helpful. Councils sell competing products and supply says nothing. Councils and units tell cub scouts to jeans and not buy pants; supply says nothing. Councils want more sales from their contracts with supply, but they undermine the store by the above. I would relish the opportunity to better explain how we’re rated and expected to perform with volunteers and staff throughout the BSA and discuss how they operate v. we operate and how that sends different signals, duplicates and sometimes wastes efforts. There seems to be an allergy in supply to discussing what we don’t do well and how we can improve. Management beyond the SM/TM level doesn’t want to hear it. Not everything can be framed from a positive position and when there is a performance gap we need to able to discuss earnestly where and why with the people involved from each angle of the situation.

      • Exactly put by Kris and Mike. There is talk about your manager coaching you and those who get recognised, but what about all the ‘trench workers’ who have managers who do not pay attention to what you actually do? When the employee does a better job than the manager and managers above him or her, how can we say that maybe they need to be trained? Until my manager was let go, there were times where I was literally doing his job, then had to cover for him until management hired someone who had no clue about the BSA. I also had another opportunity for management, yet on the day of the interview I had to cover for my manager who did not show up and my TM said it was already filled. Way to provide opportunity to those who actually do the job.

  4. As a Local Council support staff employee I am proud to be a part of the BSA team. But I am frustrated in my inability to complete my tasks due the slow speed of the Scoutnet computer system and the number of hours I am allowed to work. This makes me feel inadequate in my ability to complete my job in a timely fashion.

    • The slowness of the computer systems (Scoutnet) has made everyone feel the same way as Flora. Something needs to change with this new system coming. Hopefully that will help!

  5. I believe the survey is worded well and easy to understand. It will give the Executive Board and Council’s the results they need to vote on this issue that will best support the views of their troops and members. I think the approach taken has been well thought out. Thanks for looking out for the best interest of the BSA and their members. The paths we travel aren’t always smooth and straight , they are filled with bumps, twists and turns which lead us to new locations or beginnings which sculpt us into better people.

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